Triwizard Tornament

Welcome to the triwizard tournament! My name is Henry Helion, and I will be your guide through tonight’s tasks. This tournament will be extra special as it utilizes muggle elektronics to conduct the tasks. To celebrate this first ever virtual tournament, these tasks have been specially designed to honor the champions of the very first tournament, which took place in 1294. My ancestor, Ordora Helion, was the founder of this tournament, and the story of the original tournament is a family legend, which I will now pass on to you!

Enough about me! You’re the one whose name has just come out of the goblet of fire! This is your time! Now, for your first task. The first task in 1294 was a series of trivia games based on wizarding legends. Of course, we couldn’t ask you to fight dragons or fight ancient knights as the original champions did, but we can ask you questions! Make your way to the Library in the Virtual Yule Ball at 5:30pm or 6:30pm to begin your quest to become the triwizard champion! Submit your questions to the panel of judges here.

The second task is entirely virtual, honoring the second task of the original tournament. You are lucky though, due to social distancing practices, we can’t lock you all inside a puzzle box until you can free yourselves. We can try though! Click here then follow the instructions carefully! You can’t become the champion unless you can think sharp and quick on your feet! Once you submit your answers, they will be graded by our special panel of magical experts. In the spirit of unity, we have help sessions throughout the night in the library! Stop by the Library at 7:00 and  9:00 for help if you get trapped! I mean stumped…we can’t physically trap you, this year at least.

The third task asks you to think, very deeply. In the original Triwizard Tournament, the third task was a maze, just like in the tournament of 1994-1995 at Hogwarts! While you would be socially distanced while in a maze, we don’t want to take any risks that you won’t run into each other! You have two options to complete the final task. The maze was designed to test champions on content from their classes that year. If you attended classes throughout the Yule Ball, you should have seen some mysterious letters at the beginning of several classes, panels, or trivia! Submit what these letters spell here to be crowned the triwizard champion!

If you want to think deeply, then you will be crowned the champion if you can answer this philosophical question: What is Magic? Answer it here. You can discuss your answers with friends in the common rooms at the end of the event!

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