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We know that virtual events can be confusing at times, and we are here to help! If you don’t find your answer here, email or and we will be happy to help.

For questions during the event, email

Event Questions

What is the Yule Ball?

A fun-filled event celebrating all things magic. Our staff of dedicated witches and wizards are here to provide Karaoke, Dancing, Magical lessons, Trivia, and fun!

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, this event has been converted to a virtual event on Zoom.

What types of activities should I expect?

Zoom’s breakout rooms will allow us to do several interactive magical classes (such as charms, divination, etc.)

We will also have trivia, karaoke, live music, dancing, and other magical entertainment rooms!

What contests are there?

Our general trivia will be a scored contest with a gift card available for the first place. A gift card will also be awarded to the winner of the costume contest at each event.

Guests who complete the Triwizard tournament activity will receive a virtual reward.

How do I attend different activities?

Guests who attend our Family, Teens, and Tweens events will be sent a schedule in advance to reserve what activities they want to do.

Guests who attend our Adult event will also receive a schedule, but will be able move between breakout rooms as they desire throughout the event.

What event should I attend?

We ask that all guests respect our event’s age ranges. Programming for each event has been designed for these specific age ranges:

Tweens (9-12 years old) Teens(13-18) Adults (18+)

18-year-olds can choose to attend either the Teen or Adult event.

The family event is programmed for families with children age 8 and younger.

Is there a dress code?

We encourage all of our guests to dress for the occasion! Traditionally, the Yule Ball is a formal affair and an opportunity to wear your best wizard robes; don’t let being at home stop you!

Our minimum dress code is that anyone attending should be wearing what would traditionally be covered by a swimsuit.

We will have a prize for the best costume at the end of the night!

Technology questions

What application will be used?

The Yule Ball will be held through Zoom. We will send the event link to all participants 48 hours prior to each event.

I am concerned about cyber security.

Your security is our top priority. The ball will have a virtual waiting room, so we can verify everyone’s identity before allowing them to enter.

How can I access the Triwizard Tournament?

Right here on this website! The Triwizard Tournament will be a virtual adventure that starts on this website 24 hours before each Yule Ball event. A link will be sent to all guests, and shared during the ball as well.

What if I have a question during the event?

Email this address and one of our staff members will answer all questions you have.

This email address will be constantly monitored during each event.

Zoom isn’t loading

Make sure that you have installed Zoom on your computer. If you have, quit the application, wait one minute, then restart it. You might also have to sign out, then back in again.

If you continue to have problems, contact

I don’t understand how to access the event with Zoom. You will get an email from no later than 48 hours before the event. This email will have a link. Click on this link; if it asks you to open this link in Zoom click “agree”.

When you open zoom, it should say ‘Welcome to the Yule Ball Lobby’. If it does not, contact

Organizational Questions

Who does this event support?

Grey Havens Philosophy is a 501c3 non-profit committed to promoting inclusion, community, and literacy through programming based on popular culture and philosophy.

To learn more about Grey Havens Philosophy, visit their website.

Is my ticket tax deductible?

No, but Grey Havens Philosophy is a certified non-profit organization. If you make a donation below you can request an official receipt for tax purposes.

If you would be interested in donating, please donate here.

What does Grey Havens Philosophy do?

Grey Havens Philosophy hosts philosophical discussions and events throughout the year to accomplish their mission. They also host several book groups, including Grey Havens Young Adult, Prefects, and Grey Havens Palantir.

I want to volunteer next year.

Brilliant! We would love to have you! If you are interested in volunteering at the Yule Ball or any of our future magical events, email

If you would like to volunteer with other Grey Havens Philosophy events, visit their website to apply.

How can I support Grey Havens Philosophy?

Attending events such as the Yule Ball supports Grey Havens Philosophy, but we always welcome donations as well. If you are unable to donate, attend future events or volunteer to become a part of our community!

If you would be interested in donating, please donate here.

What other events does Grey Havens Philosophy host?

Grey Havens Philosophy hosts many events throughout the year. These include discussions of different fandoms, current events, music, and books. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all events have been moved online.

See all upcoming events here.

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